Monday, 31 August 2015

Electic Picnic: The Must-Haves

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Helloo Sunshines! Welcome back to Sadhbhers, for yet another "must-haves" post, featuring all the things you'll need to stay fabulous at Electric Picnic. For those of you that don't know, Electric Picnic is one of Ireland's biggest music and arts festivals, the kind every teen only dreams of going to, with a line-up jam packed with some of the best artists, including Sam Smith, Grace Jones and Florence + the Machine. Tickets sell out nearly before they go on sale, so for those of you that managed to grab some, here's what you need for those perfect Irish festival feels;


1. Wipes; I'm not talking one pack of makeup wipes here, I'm talking wipe your bum wipes too, because do you really trust a portaloo to have an endless supply of toilet paper 24/7? 

2. Cute wellies; Like these ones from Office (I know, they're JuJu Jellies, but get over those JuJu allergies), and they're uber affordable too

3. Hand Sanitizer; Because festivals are always gonna be jam packed with germs

4. Water; Stay hydrated, but keep this bottle safe, just in case anyone tries to spike it

5. A Rain Poncho; You can actually get these super cheap in places like Penneys, and they might even be selling them on the day, but you really should bring a raincoat of some sort because you never really know what the weather's going to be like

6. Suncream; Okay, polar opposite of number 5, but the weather is just so unpredictable. If you're really against the whole bringing Suncream to a festival vibes then just make sure your Moisturiser and Foundation have a high enough SPF

7. Dry Shampoo; You can actually get really cute little mini ones in boots at the moment, so pop in and grab one, just so your hair can stay as fabulous as you

8. Bug Spray; Because ew bugs

9. Deodorant; No one likes a sweaty Betty, so grab something lightweight, like a mini Sure can, or a Dove roll on, and if you feel like you need a quick refresh, pop back up to number 1 and grab a wipe

10. Power Bank; Nothing could be worse than being stranded in a crowd of thousands of young people without your mobile phone when you've lost your squad, so head over to Penneys (Primark), and grab a power bank, I picked up the cute mini one (pictured above) for just €7!

11. Yoghurt; If you're feeling it

Stay fabulous,


Sunday, 30 August 2015

Pinned Up

Hola Chicas! So I finally got around to splurging on some new wardrobe additions, so there should be a few more outfit posts on the way in the coming weeks, but for now I thought I'd share these new Zara purchases with you guys, I'll drop links to all these pieces below, but for now take a flick through my snaps and drop a comment to let me know what you think!

OOTD - Zara (feat Moms white socks)

Some real vintage/old school vibes are going on with this outfit, and I must say I love it! The pinafore is just too cute (so hopefully that might distract you guys from the sad state of my legs, I really need a bit more sunshine in my life). While this pinafore is too cute, it's also a bit too short, so on an average day I'd probably pop some cotton undershorts on, just so I'm not unintentionally mooning the whole world ever time I bend over. I'm really loving this transition into some more autumnal pieces - it's nearly sweater weather! 

These shoes are new Zara purchases too - and they're really on trend this Autumn, but what I love about these is that while the colour is perfect, these shoes will bring me straight through Winter too, so that's always a good thing!

Until next time,

PS Did you guys spot some of my crazy bruises? I'm literally bruising like a banana lately!



Saturday, 29 August 2015

Lush Giveaway? Oh Happy Daze!

Yes, it's time for yet another giveaway, celebrating a few of my latest blogger milestones, including reaching 20k pageviews as well as being longlisted for the Blog Awards Ireland under "Best Fashion Blogger" and "Best Youth Blogger"

So here's what's up for grabs and how you can be in with a chance of getting this pamper pack!

Okay, so today I'm giving one lucky follower this LUSH gift set - Happy Daze - just to make sure your back to school days aren't as bad as you may prophesize! 

Here's what's in the kit;
The winner will be announced next Sunday, mainly because my mom can't stand the fruity fragrances around the house for much longer! And make sure you check out my review of The Comforter over HERE too!

So all you gotta do to enter is 'LIKE' my Facebook Page and 'LIKE & SHARE' this post right HERE
If Facebook's not really your jam, head over to my Instagram (@sadhbhers) and regram my giveaway post (but don't forget to tag me so that I see!) & tag some friends!

Mucho Love,


Thursday, 27 August 2015

The Sadhbher's School Survival Guide

Yes, it's possibly the worst time of the year (as you can tell from my above failed attempt to smile). Back to school. The three words that make your skin crawl at the end of every Summer, but luckily this time I've got your back in the very first ever "Sadhbh's Declassified School Survival Guide" (and if you're a 90's kid you've probably guessed that Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide has had quite an impact on my life. Wait, is that even a good thing?)

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TIP 1: Get your locker during the first week, just to make sure you've got the best chances at getting a good one, or getting any at all. Oh too many years have I been stuck with a floor locker, and it's just not even worth it

TIP 2: Do your homework. Must I really explain this? Really, it saves all the hassle of morto moments with your teacher standing over you like 'where's your homework,' and I mean some people can deal with that, but personally I can't 

TIP 3: Just a heads up, on Wednesdays we wear pink

TIP 4: Don't worry about a flawless face everyday. You're going to see a lot of these people way too much to care about these things. Embrace those YOLO vibes and your 'I woke up like this' face

TIP 5: Exercise. Obviously not during school unless you're at PE class, but after school just do something active so you don't go insane. Trust me it works.

TIP 6: Do NOT expose spare bobby pins, hair bobbins or bubble gum unless you're 100% open to sharing these, because you're not going to get any of these back (not that you'd really want the bubble gum back)

TIP 7: This is not so much a tip, but more so a fact of life; a biro shared is a biro lost.

TIP 8: Keep a coin purse in your bag for those just in case moments, and if you're a girl always keep a period pack too, again for those just in case moments

TIP 9: Keep your bag rubbish free. Take this from me, the demon of mouldy bag sandwiches and unfortunately sometimes mouldy locker sandwiches. Just bin what you don't need.

TIP 10: Keep smiling. It's not as bad as you think it is, and even if it is just know that you're there for a reason, and by being there you're creating a future as far away from there as possible. Keep your head up, keep your heart strong and know that it will get easier.

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Until next time,


Wednesday, 26 August 2015

LUSH, The Comforter: A Review

I feel like every post seems to start with "so if you're following me on Instagram," but really - if you're following me on Instagram you'll know that just last week I popped up to Dublin just to see all my Gaeltacht buds, and while I was there we just happened to stumble across a LUSH store, and I really couldn't resist picking up one of these - "The Comforter" - LUSH's most popular bubble bar, and here's what I thought;

So to make your LUSH bubble bath all you gotta do is crumble the bubble bar under the tap whilst you fill your bath. Although the price might be a bit steep, you can use this bar more than once, depending on your preferred level of bubbliness, but unfortunately I'm one of those kind of people that just loves a bubble bath with extra bubble - was that a good idea? No, probably not, but really it definitely was worth it. LUSH bubbles are something special - they're long lasting and make a cute little popping noise, if you dare pop them and of course most importantly they make a great bubble bath beard, which is always a plus

But anyway, this one smelt kind of fruity, like the kind of fruity you love but the kind that would knock your mother dead while she questions whether it's even good for your skin - which yes mom, it is, all the ingredients are natural and it's even homemade! The water in this bath turned pink, which I wasn't quite sure did I like, but hey whatever covers up your lady parts is all good

Although maybe the scent was a bit too strong for me, I definitely see why this is one of LUSH's most popular bubble bars - even though it still doesn't quite beat my fave "Unicorn Horn," but hey, it's good to try new things!

Find out more about LUSH's the Comforter over HERE;

Until next time,

UPDATE: I've been poking at other reviews of the Comforter and most people break this into 5-6 bubble bars, so maybe using the whole thing in one go was a bit of a mistake


Monday, 24 August 2015


So I've Finally gotten around to popping another outfit post on the blog *about time*! Some of you guys might have already seen some sneaky shots of this one over on my instagram page (@sadhbhers) and so by popular demand I've decided to post this one for you guys, so take a peek below and let me know what you think;

Top, Boohoo // Belt, Unknown // Pants, Miss Guided // Heels, Primark

Okay, so this look may be a bit more dressy than usual. but it's probably one of the most comfortable too! I picked up the absolutely gorgeous heels in Primark/Penneys last week during my trip to Tralee for the Rose o Tralee festival (which you can find out more about HERE, and better still they were a bargain at €23!

Okay so this watch is pretty wardrobe staple at the moment (if you haven't noticed), it's probably the most versatile piece of jewelery I own! I love teaming it with my Links of London bracelet, just for that little pop of silver!

That's it from me,


Thursday, 20 August 2015

Back to School: The Essentials

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Yes, dare I say it's that dreaded time of the year again. So while school definitely does not in any way resemble High School Musical (and nor has Summer resembled High School Musical 2), we still have to do a little bit of shopping, just to make the year ahead that bit easier. So here's all my "Back to School Must Haves";

Back to School: The Essentials

1. A Cute Pencil Case; Preferably Happy Jackson, 'cause they've got those happy vibes we need to keep us going every day. You can find the actual pencil case I use right HERE - it always makes me lol!

2. Tissues; You can find really cute packets of tissues in Accessorize, but you'll catch me with a pack of Kleenex, or Supervalu's own brand or maybe even some toilet roll any other day!

3. Chewing Gum; For the days when you're feeling like a total break-the-rules badass (or just have bad breath) make sure you always keep a pack of Extra in your bag, just in case

4. Lip Balm; This is one of those things that you need to keep in your pencil case and never take out in front of those annoying people that always religiously ask if they can use it. My faves are definitely either Carmex or Vaseline, which you can pick up in Boots or Primark/Penneys - but if you're really a no-sharing type of person grab a chapstick instead!

5. A Power Bank; I picked this exact one up in Primark/Penneys just last Monday, so hopefully a review will go live super soon

6. Hand Sanitizer; If you're an "ew germs" kind of person, this cute little Orla Kiely one could be for you

7. Cute Lunch Box; I have this exact one! This one's Happy Jackson too, and I picked it up at Asos, over HERE

8. Body Spray/Deodorant; 'Cause deo prevents BO and no one wants to be a Sweaty Betty

9. Dry Shampoo; Some days we just won't have time to wash our hair, so pack a mini dry shampoo to refresh those locks throughout the day

10. A Hairbrush, bobby pins & bobbins; Again these are the kind of thing that you try to avoid sharing - especially hairbrushes, just don't let that happen

11. Coin Purse; Because who actually wants to carry an actual purse around school? 

12. Oil blotting paper; For the shiny days

13. Specs; Well, only if you're half blind like moi!

So that's it from me for now,


Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Rose of Tralee Fashion Show: The Review

Just last Sunday (16th August) I headed off to the Rose of Tralee's annual fashion show, with my uber trendy aunt Teresa, and of course my beautiful momma bear! So I've gathered a few pictures to put this post together, just as a little review of the night!

So I guess we'll start at the start, with what I wore;

So with my photographer on strike, all I have of my outfit is endless mirror selfies - at least until I get a chance to get some good clear shots! Yes, I did (shamelessly) rob my moms dress for the night, and paired it with a gorgeous Melissa Curry necklace, and of course my once favourite Primark/Penneys heels (which quite frankly I hated at the end of the night). I used my Naked Smoky Palette to create this smoky eye look and popped on a bright lippy, which yes I did have to top up a number of times throughout the night - but it was worth it!

On arrival, tickets were exchanged for cute little pink wristbands (which unfortuneately clashed with my outfit, but it had to be done), and photographers roamed the dome, taking countless pictures of pretty much everyone. At the entrance we were met with drinks (wines and OJ to be precise), and we headed off to our seats - which had been reserved second from the frow!

So what was great about this show was that it showcased pretty much nearly every Tralee boutique, and even a few from afar! But of course my favourite part had to be the little Irish Designer showcase, including some of the outfits Celia Holman Lee had kept since beginning her career in modelling at aged 15! And of course I was lucky enough to meet Celia, last years Rose of Tralee Maria Walsh, and of course the lovely, famed Irish Designer Tina Griffin *fangirl moments*!

So was my 9 hours in heels really worth the pain? Yes.


Friday, 14 August 2015

Camping: The Do's & Don'ts

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Aaah August! The month where we try to really mince the last of Summer! And really what better way to do it than by planning a lil' camping trip! Whether it's in your backyard or at a camping site, camping is always a memory making experience; so here's a few do's and don'ts of camping - just to make sure everything goes to plan!

Pack some snacks; Yes, I guess you could call it a sleepover, so pack some sleepover-worthy snacks. Or if you're just planning an indoors sleepover, check out my sleepover essential post over HERE

Pack cosy, insta-worthy jim-jams; These are essential. Yes it will be cold, but you simply must bear in mind that if you're with your friends you probably will end up on a few Snapchat stories, Instagrams and maybe even some Facebook statuses - so be prepared, and don't say I didn't warn you!

Bring torches; And check that they all have fully functioning battery's! These are a must for all you scaredy cats, especially if you'r too far from home to chicken out

Pack a Guitar; or a ukulele or just something to provide you with a good sing-song and some perfect insta-pics

Try pack a DVD player; Just to get those uber cute feels, try find an old DVD player, or maybe even bring along your laptop just so you guys can watch some movies

Stargazing; Yes, take a moment out of all the madness and switch off your phone just to take a minute or two or maybe even 17 just to watch the stars

*   *   *

Tell Ghost Stories; Or at least try not to if you're with a group of people that you know really don't like that kind of thing

Be on your phone; Yes, we all know that we simply NEED to take a few photos, but really after that just pop your phone in your bag

Camp in a place with no mobile signal; Just do not make your life seem like a horror story okay?

Overcrowd tents; Okay, this is fine for about an hour or two, but seriously just wait 'til someone farts and you'll understand the struggle

Fart; Yes this connects with the above point. NO flatulence allowed. Okay?

Stay inside; Unless you're attacked by midges, just sit out and appreciate what you've got!

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So until next time, happy camping!


Monday, 10 August 2015

Naked Smoky Palette: The Review

Hey, hi, hello and welcome back to the blog! This morning I finally received the all new Urban Decay Smoky palette, and I must say I am beyond impressed with this one;

To begin, the packaging of this one beats ant other naked palette, it's really classy, chic and has a generally sleek feel. Unlike the other Naked palettes, this one also has a magnetic seal, which generally gives it a more expensive feel. I love the marbled look casing too - it really gives the palette a timeless look

The colours in this one are kind of Wintery, but otherwise I must say I am very impressed! The pigmentation is really good, and I love the sparkle in some of these

Yet another impressive feature of this palette is the new brush. As you can see in the pictures, this ones more rounded and soft bristled than the brush in the other Naked Palettes. And of course for those of us that are usually clueless when it comes eye shadow, I love how this palette contains a little mini set of instructions for four shadow looks - really handy! 

So overall, you've probably been able to tell that I'm really impressed with this palette, and I definitely think this one will take over my makeup collection!

For now,

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