Sunday, 28 June 2015

Picnicking like a Pro

I think it's safe to say that picnicking has to be one of my favourite things to do during the Summer, so today on the blog I'm talking everything you need to picnic like a pro, take a peek below and let me know what you think in the comments below!


Okay so here's my picnic must haves;

1. Gingham: Yes whether it's that cute gingham dress above, you simply MUST wear something with a gingham print to every picnic - no excuses!

2. Togs: Okay I guess when I initially made this post I was thinking of a beach picnic, I rarely picnic anywhere else - so if you're at the beach togs are a must have, I'll leave a link to the above one piece at the end of this post

3. Cutlery, plates and stuff: Yes for some I forgot to feature the food but either way cute picnic cutlery and plates are essentials to any classy sassy picnic. I'm pretty sure you can get some super cheap, super chic picnic ware in Primark/Penneys, but either way I'll link these below

4. Picnic Blanket: I probably should have put this as number one. Picnics just always feel more picnicky with picnic blankets!

5. Backpacks: For the leftover waste, the collected shells and everything else that you probably won't bother taking out for about 7 months.

6. Flasks: One for water, one for hot chocolate. Simples.

7. Towel: Okay this is mainly for the beachy kind of picnics, but still it's definitely a picnic essential.

8. Plimsolls: Cute yet practical.

9. Snacks times 30800308: I don't think this needs explaining,

10. Yoghurt

Dress, Boohoo
Swinsuit, Topshop
Cutlery, AHA Life
Blanket, Dot & Bo

That's it from me for now! Until next time,


Thursday, 25 June 2015

Debs Shopping: The How-to Guide

With the "Debs Season" in full swing across the country and approaching pretty soon for many schools I figured it was definitely time to share some tips on how to keep your Debs Dress/Suit shopping as stress free as possible. Take a peek below and make sure to drop a comment if you've got any more tips to add!

Okay here we go..

1. Know what colours suit you best: Yes. Make sure you actually know which colours suit you best before you even think about going dress shopping. This is just a must in saving time and maintaining a PMA (positive mental attitude). Just trust me with this one

2. Set a budget: This is important. Yes, we all want the best dress we can get, but think practically. If you've learnt aything from my blog, you'll know you don't have to break the bank to dress well. Set a realistic budget, and make room for other expenses like makeup, hair, nails and all that jazzz. I'm currently keeping my dress budget at €150.

3. Know your body shape: This is a must! just because a dress is pretty doesn't mean it's going to suit you *sobs*. If you're unsure about your shape or what style dress you should go for make sure you ask the Sales Assistant - they usually know these things! Plus if your petite, tall or plus size make sure you pick a dress that's tailored for you *ankle swayers are illegal*

4. Select your entourage carefully: Okay, I'm not sure if that's the right word but basically make sure you bring the right people with you when you're shopping. Strictly No Debbie Downers or Negative Nancys allowed.

5. Buy the dress before shoes and accessories: That's just a given rule.

That's it from me for now - drop a comment below if you found this post helpful
Until next time,


Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Life Update: Summer 2015

Bonjour mes amis, welcome back to my blog! If you follow me on a regular basis you probably noticed my sudden disappearance about 3 weeks ago - so here's a few snaps of what I've been at;

Yes I have been absolutely blessed to have spent the past 3 week in Connemara at Colaiste Lurgan as a Cinnire along with a whole bunch of amazing new people that I am so proud to call my friends! From singing to songwriting to generally just having the bants, it's safe to say that this experience has already made this Summer the best one yet 

PS Keep an eye on this space, more posts and big news to come..

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