Sunday, 30 March 2014

Sales Sessions #4

Today I've been looking at my top picks in the Warehouse sale - here's the complete outfit, let me know what you think!!

First off I found this Black & White Check Shirt. The monochrome trend is really hitting it big this season! I love the contrasting collar, pocket and cuffs! Better still, this one was reduced from £46 all the way down to £20!!

On top of this, I'm adding this red cable knit jumper! It really creates a fresh look overall, adding a balance to the shirt. This one has been reduced from £35 to £12

Now I guess we'll be needing pants!! I love these leather look jeggings. They really add that extra edge to the look. These have been reduced from £42 to £12! Bargain!!

Finally, a tad more colour with this beautiful blue bag, only £15!!

So overall, this complete outfit, all from Warehouse comes to a grand total of £59!!

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Style Steals: Kendall Jenner

Today on "Sadhbhers," I've taken a look a Kendall Jenners amaaazing style. No matter what she wears, Kendall always looks amazing! So here's a few simple pieces to help you steal her style, and better still - it won't break the bank!!

I love how Kendall really keeps her looks young, fresh and classy - even on the Red Carpet!! Take a peek and my top picks!!

1. White Dress, €56 Topshop - I absolutely love this white bodycon dress! Not only are you sticking with the latest and greatest trends, it also gives a really slim sleek look.

2. Denim Shirt, €30 Gap - This one is almost just like Kendalls! Just pait it with a black tee and jeans and your sorted!!

3. Black Heels, €22 Forever 21 - Kendall is always wearing heels, and I've definitely seen her in a lot of black pairs! These are perfect, and hey, every girl needs a pair of perfect black heels!

4. Ripped Jeans, €40 Boohoo - These jeans are the perfect shape & style for this seasons trends!! Rock them out with a white shirt and a black leather jacket just like Kendall!!

5.  Contrast Jumper, €39 House of Fraser - This jumper might not be the exact same colours as Kendall's, but I love the contrasting colours in this one!!

6. Black Playsuit, €16 H&M - I love the sleek, elegant finish to this playsuit! Right now H&M have a great selection of jumpsuits and playsuits, so make sure you have yours!!

7. Sunglasses, €23 Topshop - This style of sunglasses is really popular this season! Kendall always heas her sunnies with her, so make sure you have yours too!

8. Lime Jeans, €30 River Island - These jeans are on sale, so catch them while you can!! I love the colour, it's great for this Spring/Summer '14

9. Navy Converse, €52 Schuh - You can even get a pair of cons identical to Miss Jenners!! What could be better?

10. White Joggers, €12 River Island - I love how Kendall can pull off the casual look so well! She teamed her white joggers with a loose fitted t-shirt and navy cons

Watch out for the next edition of Style Steals!

Thursday, 27 March 2014

The Belle of the Ball

The Transition Year ball is coming up quickly here, so it's really important to find the perfect dress a tad before to make sure it's the perfect one for you! Because it's only 4th year, you don't want to over do it - so here's my top online picks! Just click on the picture and it'll bring you direectly to the webpage!

First up I found this beeaautiful dress. I love the neckline, especially the mesh insert! The material is really lovely and it gives a really elegant, flowing look overall. It's the perfect length for the ball, and better still, this little number has been reduced from £25 to £18!!

I also found this pretty piece at Topshop! I love the shape - it's really flattering no matter what size you are!! Once again, I'm loving the sweetheart neckline! This one is only £35, Topshop

I love this pink piece! Once again, it's a great shape and has a lovely flowing fit. I also really like the beading at the top - it really adds a bit of bling to the dress!! This ones quite a bit more expensive at €80 but it's definitely worth a buy!!

Fiiinally I found this one at Boohoo! I love the neckline, it's very classy. The materials used really compliment the shape of the piece, and hey, everyone needs an LBD!!! This one comes in cream too - €30, Boohoo

Watch out for more pretty dresses coming soon!!

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

On Wednesdays we wear Pink #3

Topshop versus River Island
It has been quite a while since my last "On Wednesdays we wear Pink" segment - but I'm back! Today I've been trawling through oceans of clothes from Topshop and River Island to finally find out who has the TOP pink picks!

We'll start with Topshop! It was definitely harder to find a lot of pink on Topshop than River Island - but I love what I found! The dress (featured above left), has such an elegant shape! Remember, you don't have to wear fitted clothes to still look ladylike! I love the length of the sleeves and the shoulder seams!

Topshop also had a great selection of Nail Polish too. I'm definitely not the best at doing my nails, but I still love this nail varnish, especially the retro look of the bottles!

The shoes are gorgeous! They might be a tad high, but sometimes it hurts to look good! I love the strap and buckle around the ankle. These aren't actually peep toes, the photo just got cropped off! 

The sunglasses are really retro, I love them!! Definitely very classy - a great compliment to the satchel above! 

Overall I LOVE these looks, but I'm not so convinced that Topshop is the place to go for all your perfect pinks!

River Island
There was looooaaads to choose from at River Island! I really love the casual look I've put together above.

Plimsolls are the rage right now (so you better be wearing pink ones on Wednesday)! These van look-a-likes are a great way to catch the trend!

I really love the floral accessories I've featured here! Florals are all in this season, so these pieces are perfect for the occasion! Better still, they're very versatile so you can switch them between outfits!

As you can see, I'm loving my woolen knits! These ones are perfect for the (not so) beautiful Irish weather, and hey, if it stays like this they'll probably take you straight through Summer too!

River Island have loooaaads of lipgloss and lipsticks, you can even find the perfect shades to match your outfit!

Overall, River Island have a larger stock of pink clothes, while Topshop still manages to maintain a high standard to keep up! I can't pick a favourite, what's yours?

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Sales Session #3

Today I'm focusing this Sales session on Oasis! I don't shop there that often myself, but here's my top sales outfit! Today I'm going for a really classy, smart look

My first pick is these peacock trousers! I love the colour, the print and the fitted look - overall very elegant! These ones are only £10, so grab them while they last!

On to this, I'm going to add this crochet shirt. This on is really sleek and simple, but that's all we need for now, next we'll be adding a jumper! This shirt is reduced from £47 to £28!

Now to brighten aaaall this up, I'm going to add this jumper, reduced from £25 to £7! This adds the perfect colour balance to the outfit.

Fiiiinally I'm going to top it all of with these stud earrings, £8, and this bracelet, £15

So overall this outfit, all from Oasis, comes to a grand total of £68!! 


Monday, 24 March 2014


My favourite part of the day is wearing my Jim-Jams - even though no one's going to see them, you still have to look good!! Here are my ultimate favourite jammies!

I think Topshop definitely have the best selection of Jim-Jams, so first off, here are some of my favourite Topshop picks.

I really like the simple, sleek edge to these ones, better still they're perfect for the Summer (if and when it arrives)! These ones are £28, Topshop

If you're a fan of nighties, this one is definitely the cutest! I love the retro look - £30, Topshop

This is the last of my Topshop picks! I absolutely love superheroes, so these are definitely one of my favourites. Become your own superhero with this little number! £20, Topshop

These ones are from New Look. I love tartan pyjamas, they just look oh-so-cosyyy!! These are seperate mix and match pieces, pyjama top £6, pyjama shorts £7.99, New Look

Finally, I found these super cute Jim-Jams on Boohoo. These ones are only €16 and they come in sizes S,M & L. Rock the monochrome trend, eeeeven in bed!!

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Sales Session #2

This time I've sourced aaall these pretty pieces from I must admit it's quite hard to pull some nice bits from the sale and sometimes even from the store in general, but here's what I've found!!

I've started off with this texturised black smock dress. I absolutely love the shape and the style of this piece, it's a really elegant dress and it can be dressed up or down really easily so it's very versatile. Better still, it even comes in pink (for Wednesdays)! This one was reduced from €30 to €16

Adding on to this, I put this gold drop necklace with the dress (the same as the boohoo stylists have done)! It really draws everything in giving a slim, more sleek look. Very classy, €15

I've added on these rings to match. Personally I think wearing aaaall of them together is a bit too much. One of my personal fashion rules is NEVER wear a ring on your thumb! It always makes your fingers look shorter and stubbier so just don't!! These pretties are only €8

Before we add in the shoes, all together this outfit comes to an astonishing €39, all from Boohoo!

Now that that's all done and dusted so there's just one last thing.. SHOES!! I absolutely love these (event though they're not on sale)! €45, Boohoo

I must say that was definitely a very Sale Savvy Session!! Watch out for #3 coming tomorrow!


Saturday, 22 March 2014

Sales Session #1

It's been a veerry long time since my last post, but I'm back! Over the next few days I'll be doing a lickle ickle sales session with aaaall my favourite shops - and that's quite a lot! I'll be starting off with River Island. As much as I love the store, we all have to admit that some prices are quite steep for students, so here's my very own sales combination outfit!!

Today I'm going for an alternative sporty look. This season everyone's looking for the perfect workout outfit (not necessarily for workouts though!!)

First off I'm going to start with this simple oversized grey t-shirt. I really love the oversized look - better still this one is still there in all sizes! It comes in black too, if that's what your into! Personally I love the soft grey touch. This one was reduced from €20 to €8, Bargain!!

I'm going to team this with a simple pair of black, cropped leggings. Not only is this perfect for this outfit, black leggings are a staple for eveery wardrobe! These ones are also only €8!

This might seem boring right now, but the fun doesn't begin until the accessories arrive!! I'm going to brighten this up with a whole lot of neons, starting with this hat. Not only is this cool & cosy, it's also really good for listening to your tunes when you're out running with it's earphone/iPod connector. This one is reduced from €25 to €6!!

Aaaand if it's super-duper cold (basically every Irish day), I'm going to add it this super snuggly cugggly chunky lime scarf, reduced from €26 to €12!

These earrings are perfect with this outfit, only €5

This bracelet is the perfect piece for your sports luxe outfit! - not too plain yet not too bold! I love it! €13

Finaaaally (but not quite finally), you haaave to get your phone to match too!! This iPhone 4/4s case is on sale for only €6 and hey, every girl needs a bit of pink in her life!

Overall, this outfit is all coming together for only €58 - and eveeerything is from River Island

Just in case you don't have any cutsie runners to match - these ones are from River Island too, only €47 - and better still, the still have that hint of lime!!

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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

On Wednesdays We Wear Pink..

Part 2 of the collection, on Wednesdays we wear pink! You don't have to be girlie to wear pink, sometimes it's just about finding the right edge, so here are today's top picks!

I absolutely love this tulle skirt! Really great for the still Oh-So-Cold weather. I love the colour & the shape! Definitely one of my favourite pink picks! Better still, it's only £18 Topshop

These pretties are exclusive to Asos! I love the colour and the detailing on the frame is so pretty. These ones are from the collection Marc by Marc Jacobs available exclusively to Asos, €161.53

These floral shorts are really edgy. I love the use of prints and florals. These shorts encorporate so many trends in so many different ways! Monochrome on the mid section, Florals, Bold Colours - it's all in this season!

I don't think any of these can beat this beautiful watch! I love it, it's the perfect pink accessorie, but let's not discuss the price! £99 Topshop

Finaaaally nothing says pink like these cray cray shoes! They're a bit on the wild side, so you better be brave! €91.30, Asos


Sunday, 2 March 2014

Clean & Crisp!

Wearing white is a growing trend for Spring/Summer 2014. It can be a really hard colour to wear, but when you find the right piece, it can really refresh any outift! Here are some of my favourite wardrobe refreshers.

To start, I absolutely love this shirt! From the draped look to the panel pocket, it gives an effortless look. I really like how the shirt falls on the shoulders and the size of the collar is just right! I found this one at Topshop, £36

You can even incorporate colours in to this trend, with some colour popping prints like this jumper! I really love the bold colours on this one. It's a really great Spring/Summer piece, you might even say it's "beautiful!" - €22, Boohoo

You don't have to dress white to introduce this trend into your wardrobe, you can accessorise white instead! I really love these retro sunglasses, very edgy! €13, River Island

Another cute compliment for any outfit is this white satchel. White is a very versatile colour, I think it's safe to say that it works very well with almost any outfit! £28, Topshop

Finaaaally, I absolutely love this watch! This style of watch is everywhere lately, and this one is definitely one of my favourites! This price might be a tad steep compared to others, but it is definitely worth it! Exclusive to Topshop, £72
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