Friday, 28 February 2014

Seriously Shirty

Whether your dressing smart or casual, heading out or staying it, there is definitely a shirt to suit any occasion! For me it's all about the perfect hit. From what I've seen along my wanders so far, you'll find lots of size 10 girls wearing size 8 and so on. Size doesn't matter! It's all about being comfortable in your own beauty, so here are some super shirts that do exactly that!

First off I found this acid wash shirt at Boohoo. I really love the casual, laid back, baggy look It's a really edgy simple look and it's really versatile, whether your having a casual day or a dressed up night, this is the perfect pick! €30, Boohoo, and it even comes in pink if you want one for Wednesday!

I found this next one on Boohoo too! I absolutely love this vibrant colour, it's all in! The polka dots really set the whole look off. Whether you want to dress it modern or you're looking for retro, this piece is the one for you! €30, Boohoo

This next one is a cropped little number. I love the print! Art prints are a big hit this season! I love the colours used too, they definitely suit the weather! I found this one on Topshop, £35

Finally I love the contrasts in this last piece. It's very different and really very interesting! Overall it gives a very classy look. The print is beautiful, and yes, I'll say it again - prints like these are all in this season! Find this one on sale at Boohoo, €30

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Damsel in this-dress!

Excuse the pun! Today I'm focusing on all things dresses! Take a look at my favourites and let me know what you think.

First off, I found this Oh-So-Daring Dress at River Island. I really love the neckline and the box pleats, overall very flattering indeeeeed! The colour is definitely very bold, dare to wear! I know I would - €60, River Island.

Also along my wanders, I found this lovely piece! This dress is really girly and really retro, I love it! The best thing about this dress is that it is very versatile! You can easily take the look from day to night! £50, Topshop.

This beautiful pastel piece is one of my absolute favourites! The colour is beautiful and guess what? Pastels are ALL in this season, so this is your perfect pastel piece! I'm loving the contrast collar and the beautiful box pleats. I found this one on Lavish Alice, £42


Wednesday, 26 February 2014

On Wednesdays we wear Pink..

All new segment! Has anyone seen the movie "Mean Girls?" Well here's my Wednesday movie inspired section, On Wednesdays, we wear Pink! I think 99.999% of all girls in existence love pink, So here's my pretty pinks!

First off I found this beautiful pink & white bandage dress in River Island. The colours are amazing aaand they tie in with this seasons trendables! Better still I love the shape, very formal and fitting! This piece is €67 at River Island

Next up I found this beautiful contrast collar shirt! I love this shade of pink, it gives a really classy look. I really like the sleeves in this one too, the contrast ends are really flattering as well as the beautiful shape. Overall a very classy look. I found this one on Asos in the Lavish Alice section, on sale at €40.53

I love these trousers, the faint acid wash gives them a really edgy look. The rolled up ends are great, overall I'm loving the shape and style. It's a really retro, edgy piece. I found these on River Island, €45

Next up take a look at these heels! I love the skinny look, very flattering. The buckle gives it the perfect edge and finish. These can work with nearly any occasions, but remember - mind your feet too! These are from Asos, €58.99

I love the slouchy shape of this beautiful dress. It really gives a young, fresh look. I really like the sleeves in this one too, they fall perfectly on the arm. I'd love one of these myself! On sale at €17.56, Asos

Fiiinaaally if this is all a bit too girly for you, take a look at these shoes! This is a great way of incorporating the colour pink in to your wardrobe discreetly. I found these ones on Asos, €25.28


Sunday, 23 February 2014

Pleats, Pastels and Picnics!

I think we all really enjoyed Christmas, but now the Spring is back around I can't wait to start heading out on walks and planning picnics again! Whether you're out and about with someone special or it's just a pretty picnic with the Fam-Bam, the perfect picnic outfit is essential! So here are my top picks for picnicking!

First up I found these beautiful Mint tapered trousers. I absolutely love the smart fitted design and the length is definitely picnic-perfect! The colour is probably what gives these trousers a 10 out of 10 for me! This is one of my favourite colours and better still it's all in this Spring! £175, Topshop

Next up I found this very pretty playsuit! White is a very refreshing colour - it definitely brings a breath of fresh air to any picnic! I love the lace, it gives a really authentic & young look - especially with the pompom finished edging. I found this one on Boohoo, €38.

Another one of my picnic perfect picks is this two tone pleated skirt. The colours are really bright and cheery, which is probably my favourite part of this piece! I love the pleated look and the length, very classy. River Island, €40.

Next up I found this great jumpsuit on Asos. I love the huge variety on Asos, they stock basically everything! The shape was definitely the main thing that caught my eye about this one. Overall it's very sleek and elegant. Another picnic perfect! €63.21, Asos

I found this beautiful Smock dress on Boohoo. I love smock dresses, they are really young. The baggy look gives it a very fun edge. Better still the beautiful florals on this dress tie in with some of this seasons trends! €28, Boohoo.

Finally accessories are key! Let's leave it up to your date to bring the picnic basket, but that doesn't mean you won't have to bring a brilliant bag! I adore this satchel. Pastels are all in this season and this satchel will give your outfit the perfect retro look! Better still, it won't break the bank! €39.33, Asos.

Finaaally I found this really cute retro look scrunchie from Topshop! It is really something that sets the whole outfit off! £4, Topshop

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Styled-Up Saturdays

Finally I'm starting an all new mini segment on my blog dedicated especially to Saturdays! Whether it's a big night out or a small trip to the cinema, we all want the perfect, complete outfit! Every Saturday I'll be putting together some of my favourites, so keep an eye out and tell me what you think! This first one is definitely a bright cheery style for your wardrobe!

I love bright colours, and this skort is definitely that! The colour is definitely very bold and very brave but I'm sure that anyone can pull it off once it's worked right! If you look up close, you'll see the lighter green florals. Florals are all in this Spring! I LOVE this Skort - €40, River Island

I've teamed this with a simple white vest. I'm sure everyone has one, but if you don't this one is €6 at Boohoo!

As it stands, you're probably thinking that this looks veery plain - but I haven't added the accessories yet! No outfit is complete without the perfect accessories, and here they are!

This necklace is my top pick with this outfit. I love all the colours - and better still it leaves endless opportunities for further accessorising. I found this one on River Island for €33.93

If the above is not your cup of tea, I love this necklace! It's a really unique way of incorporating the nautical theme into your night out! I found this piece on Boohoo for €15

Along with the beautiful necklaces above - I found a number of bracelets to match! This one comes in Teal, Orange and Yellow. I've chosen yellow with this outfit, continuing with my colour blocking, but it's really personal preference. This one is €9 also from Boohoo

If this is all looking a bit too crazy and colourful for you, swap this bracelet for these! These beautiful bracelets are €11.24 from Asos.

To chunk it out a little, I'd add in this watch. I absolutely love this colour, it's one of my favourites this season! This one is €21.07 from Asos

That's not all the accessories yet! These earrings are the perfect match for the beautiful skort! Now on sale for €5 at Boohoo!

Just in case you didn't notice, there's one thing I'm forgetting...SHOES!! I love this colour and it really ties in excellently with the first necklace and all the other accessories listed! £58, Topshop

One last thing - you can't leave home without a pretty purse! Love the detailing on this one, £35, Miss Selfridge.


Friday, 21 February 2014

Cool in Co-Ords

One of the coolest trends this Spring is Co-Ordinated outfits. This is really a Love/Hate trend, but I really love it. So here are just a few of my top Co-Ord picks.

This first piece fits in perfect with lots of trends this season! I love the pastel colours and floral design. The shape of the fitted floral shorts proves very elegant. Overall this outfit it the perfect combination of an elegant smart look and all the seasons trends! Even better, they both work very well individually with other outfit combinations! Jacket, €75; High Waisted Shorts €33 both River Island.

My next pretty pick is this Monochrome two-piece from Topshop. Monochrome proves to be a growing trend this season, it's not my favourite but I definitely love this outfit! I really love the gingham design - perfect picnic prints! This is definitely in my top ten for Tea Parties! Overall, £76 Topshop

Next up I found this beautiful green outfit! I love the boyfriend coat - which is all in if you saw my last post! The colour is definitely daring, but it's definitely a great edgy outfit for St Patrick's Day which is just around the corner! Overall £78 Topshop

Next up this is my work friendly way to introduce the trend into your day to day wardrobe! I love the simplicity of this look - overall it is very smart and the fitted look proves very flattering! Blazer €75, River Island; Cigarette Pants €45, also River Island. Better still, both pieces also come in pink!

I love this next piece! Once again sticking with the monochrome trend this look proves very bold and young - perfect for a small day or big nights! I really love the buttons, they add the perfect finish to this Co-Ord! Blouse £32, Trousers £45 both Urban Outfitters

Finally one of my favourites! This little floral number is very on trend! I love the use of florals and bright Spring colours! Better still it will take you right through to Summer and it won't even break the bank! £66 Topshop


Thursday, 20 February 2014

Artsy Fartsy

Another huuge trend this Spring is modern art and abstract pieces. It's not one of my favourite trends, but it's definitely something that's growing on me! No matter what shape or what size you are, prints will always work! Here are my top picks of the Artsy Fartsy trend.

My first pick is Mirror Print tunic. I love the print and the colours used give this dress a really fresh edge. It's the perfect pick for this Spring to lighten up your wardrobe. Better still, you don't have to break the bank. £26 at Miss Selfridge

This next piece is another fresh wardrobe steal that fits right in with the Spring trends. I love the mix of warm and cool colours and this crop top can take you right through the seasons! €24 at Boohoo

Next up I found this pretty playsuit at Miss Selfridge. I love the mix of prints! The shape is great, and better this this outfit can be brought straight from day to night. At day, just team it with a chunky knit. Dress it up with a blazer or a leather jacket and some heels! Definitely worth a buy - £39 at Miss Selfridge

Finally, I found these great tropical print trousers! The colours combine the perfection mix of both warm and fresh colours while the shape gives a lovely fitted look. Overall very sophisticated! €49.16 from River Island


The Boyfriend Coat

The boyfriend coat is definitely an essential for your wardrobe this season! I love how the style is so practical - it's perfect for day to day use! Boyfriend coats look good over everything, and better still, no matter what age you are you'll find one perfect for you! Here are some of my favourites.

I've had my eye on this first one for quite a while. I absolutely love the shape and the colour, it's very classy. I also really like how the pockets slant upwards drawing everything in. Better still, it's now on sale! Only £55.30 from Miss Selfridge.

This next one is very daring! The colour isn't as versatile as a lot of the other coats I have been looking at, however I love the shape. Better still bold colours are all in this season. I found this one on Boohoo, €60.

This next one is a really unique herringbone coat. I really like the colour and the overall style. I love the sleeves and the pockets, it gives a really vintage look overall. £115 at Urban Outfitters.

This last one is another pastel pink number. Pastels are all in this season and this piece combines the two trends! I love this coat, it gives a very elegant and sleek look and is slightly more fitted that the rest I've seen. €77.11 at Asos

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Crazy Comics

This week has been a little bit crazy for everyone over here! No WiFi, no posts but hey I'm back in action for now!

Today my main focus is Comic Book Clothing, I love the style and it's definitely suiting where my life is at right now! I could do with a Superman fixing my WiFi - but for now here's my favourite Comic fashion picks!

This first little number is a beautiful blouse which really poses a different take on the oh-so-loved Comic Book Trend. I love the flowing look and the high neck. Better stills it's on sale at Asos for only €34.73!

This next piece is a daring dress I also found on Asos. Make yourself feel like your own superhero in this little number! Better still it can be dressed up or dressed down so whether it's big nights or small days this piece is perfect! Also on sale at €55.56 from Asos

These shoes are amazing! They're so edgy I'll definitely have to buy myself a pair. Go wild with these comic book cons and become your own wonder woman! £47 exclusive to Schuh

Finally I LOVE this tablet pouch! Better still you can get a matching iPhone Case! This tablet pouch is €25 from River Island, definitely worth a buy!

Keep your eye out for this terrific trend - and me! The coming weeks will be a bit hectic as I have no WiFi at home, however I will post as much as possible! Keep Shining..!

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